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Fake news season by The Sunday Times: Who is the British paper rooting for?

The Sunday Times is becoming less and less credible these days…

In one of its recent reports, the British publication claimed a new decree by the UK defense chief would cut the army from 80,000 to 60,000 servicemen, and that one of the newest aircraft carriers would be leased to NATO or the U.S.

The piece caused major excitement – to a large extent, among Russian propaganda pundits who have since been ringing the bell and mocking the Brits as "unable to support" their army. And, of course, the hi-end aircraft carriers, which Russian "patriots" can only afford dreaming of, fell into the spotlight of the pro-Kremlin's envy-spitting expert circle.

Meanwhile, within less than 24 hours, British PM Boris Johnson refuted the report on army cuts and instead noted that London was set to boost army funding, thus fulfilling its obligations to NATO to spend 2% of GDP on defense.

So the question arises, what was it all about? That's especially interesting given the fact that it's not the first time The Sunday Times is attacking the British army. Let me remind you that in the middle of this month, when shocking videos were published showing Russian mercenaries torturing a Syrian POW to death, The Sunday Times rushed to publish a piece "War crimes scandal: Army 'covered up torture and child murder' in the Middle East", alleging British war crimes in the Middle East.

Immediately, Russian propaganda platforms such as RT, Vzglyad, Voennoye Obozreniye, and many others picked up on the article, further spinning the "hot topic."

But here's the thing: unlike the story with the Russian Wagner PMC video, regarding the SAS, the report on British troops lacked any conclusive evidence. In fact, it was much ado about nothing. However, the hype that ensued not only distracted attention from the actual, horrendous crime committed by Russians in Syria, but also allowed to "dissolve" that shocking video in the information battlefield through a spin of the story on the alleged SAS crimes.

Actually, The Sunday Times, which in past years was noted by fake news and manipulation only once in a while, in November alone jumped into the lead of major fake news spinners! Is it about some financial inflows or a mere coincidence? The coincidence version is too doubtful, IMHO…

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