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Russia diverts attention from own war crimes in Syria through The Sunday Times spin

Earlier today, a truly disturbing video shot in Syria received wide coverage on various media platforms, showing Russian mercenaries torturing a captive on camera before slaying him and ultimately burning his body.

The video vividly demonstrates, once again, the atrocities committed by the so-called "Russian liberators", in whatever corner of the world they operatre, be it Ukraine, Syria, or Libya ... Their bestial nature doesn't change. But that's not the point.

The thing is that literally right after yet another proof was revealed to the world of Russian atrocities, the article appeared on The Sunday Times at 12:01 local time, titled "War crimes scandal: Army 'covered up torture and child murder' in the Middle East", with accusations voiced against British troops deployed in the Middle East.

Immediately, Russian propaganda platforms, such as RT, Vzglyad, Voennoye Obozreniye, and many others, rushed to share the report, spinning the narrative about war crimes allegedly committed by British military.

At the same time, neither The Sunday Times, nor Russian propaganda platforms citing it, provided documentary evidence of the allegations put forward. But it's not the evidence that's but rather the narrative of an unfounded statement.

Of course, this kind of cunning move is focused on distracting the international community's attention from the shocking Syria video toward "British savages". While the report lacks photos, videos and scans of classified documents, the accents have been meticulously placed to satisfy consumers of fast food info.

However, the question remains what role the Sunday Times actually played in this whole story. Was this a spin, agreed with Russia, or did they just decide to boost their Sunday traffic, in the wake of that terrifying video with Russian mercenaries in Syria?

And maybe it's just a coincidence. Although, as we all know, some coincidences are hard to believe in.
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