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Russian "Orthodox" mercenaries no different from Islamic State terrorists

Greek Archimandrite Romanos Anastisiadi  has uploaded on Facebook a video showing how Russian mercenaries treat war prisoners in Syria.

That's according to the Spiritual Front of Ukraine outlet.

The Greek cleric says Russian mercenaries, after slaying a man, wrote on his chest "that's to our air assault forces", and then set his body on fire.

"Is this army blessed by the Russian Church? Is this the army of a country that wants to portray itself as 'Holy Russia' and a 'patron of Orthodoxy? How do these 'Christian Orthodox' Russians differ from the fanatical jihadists who massacre Christians? Of course, this has nothing to do with Christianity or Orthodoxy. It's just an ordinary Russian affair..." the post says.

It should be noted that the video, posted on various open sources allows easily identifying certain war criminals, who resort to committing sacrilegious acts to a body of a man they have apparently just tortured to death.
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