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Russian footprint in Libya civil war becoming more apparent

Some very interesting information recently came from sunny Malta. As it turned out, local authorities confiscated a large batch of Libyan national currency, unofficially transported from Russia to support militants of Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar. It is his paramilitary units who are now fighting against the UN-supported government of Libya.

According to the Maltese authorities, the seized consignment of "Libyan money" traces back to the Russian Mint, which has recently been busy printing cash for the unrecognized Libyan government, the capital of which was announced the city of Baida.

In fact, in addition to deploying in Libya their Wagner PMC, whose fighters are periodically spotted in Tripoli suburbs trying to storm the capital of the UN-recognized government as part of Haftar's illegal armed groups, Russia has also been illegal financing the civil war in this country.

In the context of these reports, once again revealing Russia's undercover, predatory policy in Libya, I can't help but recall the recent attempt to discredit Ukraine through the Libyan conflict in the eyes of Western partners, including the UN.

Let me remind you that the IL-76TD cargo aircraft, owned by a private Ukraine-registered company that were this summer destroyed in Libya, also came under fire of a Russian propaganda machine, which shelled information space with fake claims that the planes had been delivering smuggled weapons. To create the necessary information background, the Kremlin engaged its colossal layer of assets, ranging from microbloggers to Federal media.

However, Russia's attempts to bring the civil war to the plane of accusing Ukraine saw no result, and, despite catalization of major resources, the project failed, including at the UN platform.

But, the events in Malta only confirmed the fact that Russia is trying to project on others its own sins in the framework of information campaigns. Being a direct sponsor of the civil war in Libya, both in terms of arms supplies, deployment of mercenaries and Russian army's military personnel "on leave", and financing, Russia tried to project these sins onto Ukraine through the IL-76TD incidents. Fortunately, it turns out that the attempt was is extremely careless and clumsy.

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