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Who is the actual recipient of Russian weapons in Tajikistan

The joint military exercise of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) member states, "Indestructible Brotherhood-2019", wrapped up the other day. A constant participant in such events, Russia during a ceremony held in Dushanbe handed over to the Tajik army military equipment and weapons worth 320 million rubles.

In particular, Rusasia donated radars, BRDM-2MS armored reconnaissance and patrol vehicles, and other means.

Actually, this gesture could have well gone largely unnoticed, given Russia's tradition of buying loyalty of particular governments, had it not been for a little nuance.

In March 2018, General John Nicholson, who led the U.S. forces in Afghanistan, told the BBC of Moscow's growing support for the Taliban. Moreover, according to the senior military official, this support is provided through Tajikistan and goes by the following scheme.

Russia conducts exercises with the Tajik army in the areas bordering with Afghanistan, and after their completion, Russians simply leave their weapons, ammunition and other equipment behind. The Taliban then comes in to pick up the goodies, completely unhindered.

Due to this kind of "supplies", the Taliban in recent years have significantly boosted their attempts to topple the U.S.-supported government in Kabul, also spreading control over territories outside the Afghani borders, in the regions of Pakistan (North and South Waziristan) and China (Xinjiang Uyghur autonomy).

So I won't be surprised if the weapons handed the other day to the Tajik army are already in the hands of the Taliban, whom, by the way, Moscow is trying to legalize in the international arena, by all means possible.

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