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Kremlin scum's desperate attack on MH17 case

Over the past six years, Russia has created so much "white noise" in the case of MH17 downing, that sometimes their own so-called "experts" find it hard to tell terabytes of fake stories they should vouch for from the truth or the elements of the official investigation that they are tasked to viciously criticize.

But in light of the upcoming first court hearing in the MH17 case, where three Russians have been declared as suspects, and where Russia's guilt in the passenger jet downing seems indisputable, the Kremlin launched a full-blown info attack on the investigation, as if going all in.

In a matter of days, plenty of the Kremlin’s minions both in European politics and media raised their voices, despite often lacking reputation and weight in the circles of respected journalists, for the most part only creating an ephemeral picture of the "deepest concern" of the European community over Ukraine's "negative role" in the MH17 case.

While earlier we mostly heard of a Dutch blogger and wannabe detective Max van der Werff, who has constantly been distributing false claims about MH17, which contradicted the JIT's version of events, at the same time echoing the Kremlin propaganda (no wonder) and who shot a manipulative pseudo-documentary about the crash, now Moscow has engaged its entire asset network across Europe and beyond.

An "independent" Dutch journalist Claudia Zimmerman recently claimed, literally: “All international experts refute the official results [of the investigation] into who shot down the MH 17, and how," appears to be not so independent, after all.

In fact, she is better known as a German, not Dutch, journalist, and this detail is truly important. The fact is that, while positioning herself as an independent journalist, she had come into a spotlight after she accused Germany's WDR television channel, for which she used to work, of censorship, especially on the topics of attacks on "thousands of women" in Cologne by migrants from North Africa.

Following that statement, she became a favorite of Russian propaganda's darling. Indeed, the topic of aggressive migrants flooding Europe was one of the Kremlin's most beloved ones, aiming to portray the EU "in chaos". By the way, the humanitarian crisis itself was initially provoked by Russia itself through its interference in the civil war in Syria.

But, let's move on.

In addition to the naphthalene-soaked puppet Claudia Zimmermann, a German "journalist" Florian Retzer, also stepped up on the stage, after a long pause in channeling Russian narratives. Perhaps, after being treated to a nice sweet ruble strudel, since last week, he's been broadcasting messages about the insolvency of the "anti-Russian orientation of the MH17 investigation", also claiming that the probe"is bursting into pieces and falling apart."

By the way, Florian Retzer can hardly be called a reputable journalist either, just like many of those supporting a pro-Kremlin position in the MH17 case. Incidentally, he was repeatedly noted for his Ukrainephobic materials for second-rate news outlets, like one on the "dead democracy" in Ukraine.

However, besides the journalist junk who have little to no influence on the JIT, it's very interesting to note some other resources involved in the latest Russian effort.

While the Kremlin’s resource RuBaltic quite expectedly threw in another batch of fake stories with the main message of "the West giving up on Ukraine," the piece on the topic published by China's Sohu proves that the Kremlin is trying to create the appearance of the MH17 issue's relevance for Russia's southeastern neighbors.

I can only imagine how pain the upcoming court hearings bring the Kremlin mob. After all, now almost all puppets have been put in "active" mode, being ready to sell their consciousness and spread lies for some extra euros. This time, Moscow involves not only media resources it controls but also those ready, for a certain reward, to voice messages convenient to Moscow.

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