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Fake report on Ukrainian soldier "murdered" at Yavoriv training ground: Same manuals, same actors

It seems that Russian propaganda masterminds have launched a full-scale information war against the Yavoriv training ground – through info spins, manipulations and psy-ops designed not only to discredit the international cooperation of Ukraine's Armed Forces with NATO partners, but also Ukraine's relations with its closest neighbors. At the same time, in this information war, Ukraine's so-called "media", like Strana.ua and others play a key important role.

Let me remind you that at the end of August it was through Strana.UA that the info spin "Drunk, greedy and lazy. American colonel calls Ukrainian military the main problem of the Yavoriv Training Center" was disseminated, allegedly referring to a blog by U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, head of the Joint Multinational Training Group - Ukraine (JMTG-U) Robert Tracy. It "revealed" terrible details about the Ukrainian military. Of course, it turned out that the blog was run by an impostor and had nothing to do with the actual U.S. lieutenant colonel, although this had been clear at first glance, but not to Strana.UA reporters, apparently.

Today, once again, with the complicity of certain Ukrainian media, in particular Strana.ua, emerged a stinky spin titled "Reports from Lviv say Polish military killed Ukrainian soldier. Later, media outlet announced it had been hacked," published at 12:12 and citing the Ratusha online outlet.

At the same time, there is no report of this kind on Ratusha website, while its administrators said there had been an attempt to hack the site and that it was being shut down for maintenance.

Meanwhile, the story was immediately picked up by other resources that even published a photo of the murdered troop. However, it also appeared to be fake.

For example, the Sotsportal resource at 12:20 published an article "In Yavoriv, a Polish military shot a Ukrainian troop", also posting a "photo from the crime scene". But - what a shame - the photo posted by Sotsportal turned out to be a rotten piece because it had actually been taken on January 1, 2018 in Odesa at the ruined building on Srednefontanska Street. But, it was this very photo that the Russian sites and social media channels took up, covering the report on this "murder".
By 13:15, the official website of National Police published a refutation of this fake story, but the wave could not be stopped anymore and the fake spin along with the fake "photo from the crime scene" were all across the internet by then.

And now, the most interesting part: why would Russian propaganda and their affiliated outlets in Ukraine would need making all these wild efforts?

The fact is that yesterday, Sep 24, Ukraine and Poland signed a letter of intent on cooperation in the protection of the rights of citizens of both countries and "avoiding xenophobic sentiments." In fact, this document can be called "anti-xenophobic" and it is like a bone in the throat to Russian propaganda, which has long been playing the game of manipulating ethnic disputes and conflicts.

That is why the fake report about the murder of the Ukrainian soldier was heavily stained with the Polish theme, not only to inflict an information blow on Yavoriv again, but also to hurt national feelings, especially after the incident with the beating of a Ukrainian national in Poland. Of course, this also happened, not by chance, on the eve of the signing of the document mentioned above.

Ukraine and Poland are now closer than ever to each other in resolving controversial historical issues that the Russian Federation regularly exploits to bring discord and confrontation between the two countries.

The only good news is that the methods of propagandists never change. These methods are nothing but spinning fakes through controlled media like Strana.UA, as well as using fake photos and videos, or links to non-existent articles and outlets.

Still boring, girls. And someone better spank you hard for such clumsy job.


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