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Moscow's long-term partners start dropping Russian "peaceful atom"

It seems, my dear friends, we're now observing an actual butterfly effect in action. After the issue of threats posed by Russian nuclear power plants was raised at the international level (the first report came about the previously little-known Ostrovets in Belarus, where the potentially hazardous BelNPP is set to be launched) concerns about the Russian "peaceful atom" spread throughout the world.

In late August, India, where Rosatom has been building the Kudankulam NPP in the state of Tamil Nadu since 2002, but its first two power units had been commissioned only from 2014 to 2017, expressed dissatisfaction with turbine units and generators for the turbine compartment supplied by Russian Power Machines. In particular, the Indians are not okay with the quality of the equipment, as well as the frequently arising technical problems and excessive fuel overload.

And now here's a bit of insider info for you. Indians were so outraged by the quality of the equipment supplied by Russian Power Machines that they were ready to quit ordering it from this manufacturer in the future. Actually, according to the information available, this decision has already been made, and the next nuclear power plant in India will be built without Russian turbine units and generators for the turbine compartment.

And literally last week, information appeared that China no longer plans to use Power Machines turbines at its nuclear power plants. And this is despite the fact that news feeds are replete with exclusively positive h reports claiming that cooperation between China and the Russian Federation is blooming.

We're well aware of the fact that China knows how to keep its secrets, especially about failures, but that's not exactly the case in Russia. And it was through Russian informational resources that late last month a large-scale leak came stating that Russians used cheap grade steel was used in the production of equipment for nuclear power plants, and that CEOs of large companies that are part of Rosatom State Corporation, such as ZiO-Podolsk, Atom-Industria, and others were involved in the scheme. Moreover, the supply of this potentially dangerous equipment has been carried out since 2007!

It very much resembles the situation with VASO, which used uncertified titanium for the production of aircraft parts, but let us return to nuclear power plants.

At almost all NPPs being built both in Russia and beyond, materials and equipment were used that did not meet the standards and norms. And therefore, it is not surprising that the countries where nuclear power plants built by Russia are now being commissioned realize they are sitting on a "powder keg" and therefore give up on supplies of certain equipment from Russia. Indeed, they do understand that continuing such risky cooperation would be at their own peril.

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