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Kremlin's "white noise" around top mole's career: "Alcoholic" and "bank robber"

The MH17 crash was a litmus paper of how Russia, finding itself in a situation of total fiasco, bets on creating a huge number of false or fact-manipulating versions of what has actually happened. In turn, setting up the so-called informational "white noise" around a certain topic indicates how much Moscow is really involved in the event/incident and how much they seek to conceal such involvement.

The recent revelations about a CIA mole, recruited nearly 20 years ago, who had been operating in the Kremlin, was a truly painful and crushing blow to a number of officials close to Putin. Yuri Ushakov, Sergey Naryshkin, and Sergey Lavrov ... Their chairs started rocking under them like never before in recent years. And it is not surprising that the Russian elite seeks to portray the scandal surrounding the CIA asset, Oleg Smolenkov, as something insignificant. And they are trying, so diligently but chaotically, that the attempt already looks like some grotesque farce.

Last week, Russians claimed that Oleg Smolenkov, besides having no access to important, classified information, was allegedly a binge drinker and that he resented his own mother… This week, they try to portray the CIA mole as… a former bank robber.

Since yesterday, reports have been spinning in Russian media, claiming that Smolenkov had been part of the so-called "bank rippers" gang that consisted of operatives of the Federal Security Service. The group was led by chief of division 2 of department K with the economic security office, Dmitry Cherkalin.

Interestingly, Russian investigators are more than confident that it was thanks to cooperation with Cherkalin that Smolenkov could afford buying $1 million house in Virginia (in the neighborhood full of families of CIA agents) and face no obstacles in fleeing Russia for the United States as soon as the FSB started suspecting him of something.

Actually, such worthless spins in mass media once again proves that the exposure of Smolenkov was an exploded bomb for Moscow. That was a stinky bomb, too, and that's why many are trying so feverishly to clean up the Kremlin's walls after that dirty blast. But it just doesn't work out. The dirt is still there so the order was given to cover it up with whatever is at hand. But no matter how many carpets they hang on those walls, the stench remains...

The stink comes from the lousy attempt to shift public attention away from the initial legend about a low-profile clerk, an alcoholic, womanizer, and mother-hater, to a pulp fiction story of him being part of "FSB bank rippers" and, feeling the inevitable exposure, fleeing to the U.S.

So, in this new white noise scenario, no one is claiming that Smolenkov was beyond Russian special services, but his level is being cut to that of a gang member, with a constant emphasis on the lack of access to secret information. Despite his "low status", he still managed to escape to the U.S. under the witness protection program, in return for some "insignificant" Information, the new Russian story suggests.

Overall, Smolenkov is being portrayed like some trashy outcast. But, the thing is that, besides these ficaional narratives, there is also Smolenkov's official bio that for the most part is closed to ordinary people, which already speaks for itself. His career path can be traced only from 1999, when at the age of 30 he was hired by the forex department of the Russian foreign ministry, further working in various positions within the ministry, including with the HR department.

And that's how that poorly constructed myth about a binge drinker and a bank robber collapses. But, anyway, all these efforts are quite indicative, as I've already mentioned. The dirty bomb got the whole Kremlin stinking.

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