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Why Kremlin involves their puppet Zeman in "Zakarpattia Autonomy " project

The other day, Czech President Milos Zeman, the old guy of the Czech politics, met with the delegation of the so-called "World Council of Subcarpathian Rusyns." During the meeting, the question was raised of the "wide autonomy of the Zakarpattia region in Ukraine". In fact, it was a meeting of pro-Russian president of one of the EU countries and leaders of organizations that are also pro-Russian, that's including including notorious separatists, such as Dmytro Sidor, a priest with the Moscow Exarchate with a criminal record. And no wonder the discussion was held in full accord.

Delegation members complained to Zeman about being "oppressed" in Ukraine, while Zeman promised to discuss this issue with President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

What made Milos Zeman look away from the issues concerning his native Czech Republic and arrange gatherings with the Rusyns? Perhaps it's the same thing that makes Hungary's pro-Russian Jobbik party intervene in the internal affairs of Ukraine, destabilizing Ukrainian population and creating certain precedents for their further discussion in the international stage. https://uc.od.ua/columns/1533/1216808

The Kremlin retains interest in rocking Ukraine's Zakarpattia region and, to this end, besides the notorious Jobbik, Moscow has also involved this battered but still functioning puppet Zeman. Thus, in the informational propaganda field, the circle of "foreign commentators" is expanding, creating the appearance of "international concern", voiced from Hungary and the Czech Republic. This is about trumped up "concerns" over the alleged oppression of national minorities, their rights and freedoms in Ukraine.

The only omission is that both the Jobbik party and Milos Zeman are among political forces and figures who have long discredited themselves, so their voices is not taken into account in the serious political arena. On the other hand, as a feed for consumers of fast food information, they are quite okay as there's a demand for such talking heads. Cheap and harsh...

And therefore, after Zeman's odious statements about the occupied Crimea, we can now prepare for the weeping over the "oppressed Rusyns". The Kremlin record is playing the same old song again.
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