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Russia uses UN, other international platforms to spread its fakes

Just yesterday, I raised the topic of another attempt by our "eastern neighbors" to promote through Ukrainian news outlets the issue of arms supplies by Ukraine to Libya beyond embargo. Today came another information attack against Ukraine on the part of Russia. The spin came against the background of a number of very important events, which is not surprising.

First, Russia will chair the UN Security Council throughout September, which gives it the opportunity to raise convenient topics, as well as artificially create them.

Secondly, an international conference "Combating the Illicit Supply of Arms in the Context of the Fight against International Terrorism” is being held at the World Trade Center in Moscow.

Moreover, yesterday, during this so-called conference, a crude manipulation of facts took place, which made it possible to accuse Ukraine, so far only in the information space, of supplying UAG-40 grenade launchers to the ISIS branch in Nigeria, the Boko Haram group. Of course, we spotted this fake at the root, but nevertheless, it is out there, which once again demonstrates that Russia uses international platforms to position and spread its lies around the world.

For example, I'm more than confident that the long-obsolete topic of the Ukrainian IL-76TD cargo aircraft destroyed in Libya will manifest itself both at the UN Security Council and during the Moscow international conference. Indeed, it was not in vain that on September 4, a statement by Vasily Nebenzia at the UNSC was accompanied by a corresponding wave of accusations in the Ukrainian information space, put forward against Ukraine of delivering weapons to Libya. It referred to the zombie website "NEWS", which came back to life precisely on this date, only to support that statement voiced at the UNSC.

By the way, NEWS is registered in Kyiv, but let's not get distracted.

Obviously, taking advantage of the leadership of the UNSC, as well as through organizing such an international conference where manipulations and fakes are already being broadcast, Russia will saturate the information space with narratives against Ukraine and beyond.

For example, starting from September 2, the Russian cushion laid between Moscow and Europe received a second wind. It's Bulgaria's Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, who has long been exposed as a distributor of false information using "anonymous letters", traditionally exploited by Russian security agencies, which add fake documents to an array of real ones that have been leaked. Another fake blow targeted the U.S. (the previous one aimed at Azerbaijan.

And therefore, chairmanship of the Russian Federation in the United Nations Security Council opened to this aggressor country a serious information springboard for spreading false narratives. At the same time, this aggressor state will mention all its political, geopolitical and ideological opponents, while failing to mention itself. Meanwhile, we know that its own weapons can be spotted in the arsenal of the Taliban, Hezbollah, Colombian drug cartels, FARC, PKK, ISIS, DPR and LPR, etc.

Alas, the UN has sheltered a snake on its chest. Is this strategically useful? Frankly, it's debatable to say the least. So far, there's only serious damage, but zero benefit, both for the organization itself and the international community.

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