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Ukrainian UAG-40 grenade launchers for terrorists: Clumsy manipulation by Russia

The other day, the so-called international conference "Combating the Illicit Supply of Arms in the Context of the Fight against International Terrorism" started in Russia, where head of the CIS anti-terrorism center Andrei Novikov announced that the Ukrainian UAG-40 grenade launchers were delivered to terrorists with the Nigerian group Boko Haram (a branch of ISIS) earlier than they were to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
УАГ-40 в Нигерии.jpg
His statement was immediately and zealously picked up by Russian media, which in their headlines neglected the issues of credibility and dignity (dignity in the Russian media?) using the narrative "Terrorists received Ukrainian grenade launchers before the Ukraine Army". In fact, almost every headline in the Russian media indicates that Ukrainian grenade launchers were received by Nigerian terrorists from Ukraine. Well, here's the chase of "Shock! Sensation!" it's just that it has nothing to do with reality...

The fact is that both the Novikov report and the information wave, large-scale and comprehensive, by the Russian media, are nothing but a cheap and clumsy manipulation, another one in a series of many others targeting Ukraine.
УАГ-40 в Нигерии.jpg
So, Ukrainian grenade launchers were indeed delivered to Nigeria in the amount of 18 units. The deliveries were made by State Company Ukrspetsexport back in 2015. The delivery was carried out in transit through Belarus, with the assistance of State Foreign Trade Unitary Enterprise Belvneshpromservice and was intended for the needs of the National Army of Nigeria (NAS).
УАГ-40 в Нигерии.jpg
However, the NAS suffered serious losses in the battles with Boko Haram, which resulted, among other things, in the loss of not only positions, but also property. During one of these battles, Boko Haram got hold of the UAG-40 Ukrainian grenade launchers – just as ISIS captured the Russian T-90 tank in the southeast of Al-Mayadin, the third captured T-90 throughout the entire conflict in Syria.
гугл УАГ-40.jpg
I note that the T-90s in Syria were lost after the Russian propaganda machine tried to accuse Ukraine of delivering to ISIS BTR-4 APCs – another manipulation of facts. The thing is that ISIS, during the successful offensive in Iraq in 2017, seized the positions of the Iraqi army and got at their disposal a lot of equipment, among which were Ukrainian BTR-4s. But, this, so to say, is off-topic, so we will return to UAG-40s and, since we have talked about them, we'll get back to T-90s for ISIS.
But, for some reason, I did not see in the headlines of the Russian media any narratives of ISIS receiving a T-90 earlier than it was delivered to some Russian military unit. Although, we must admit, this is a very interesting precedent, given the fact that ISIS is generally armed mainly with Russian weapons and gear, ranging from Gorka uniform to the aforementioned T-90s.
Of course, the subtext of this manipulation is understandable, and the scale of the information wave speaks of a clear preparation of another attack, with the involvement of all available resources, but once again the propaganda clique has done it wrong, and no one in serious circles will fall for the delirium of Russian propaganda. But, on the other hand, the mission to fill the appropriate information niche for consumers of fast food information has been completed! And therefore, everyone who believed in this nonsense, I congratulate you on the status of informational garbage consumers.
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