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Another information blow to Ukraine as necrophiles' convulsions

It seems that for Russian propagandists, the fake story that developed around the Il76TD cargo aircraft destroyed in Syria just never gets old. Through Ukrainian media platforms, they now decided to refresh it in people's memory. As I wrote before, Russian propaganda first made a timid throw of the initial spin through a blog, aimed to be later picked up by some regional, and then Federal media outlets, all trying to accuse Ukraine of arms smuggling in Libya, thereby discrediting our country in the eyes of Western partners.

But, as we've learned, the attempt turned out extremely clumsy so the operation that has eaten up plenty of resources eventually brought zero effect. Meanwhile, the very idea of discrediting Ukraine in the eyes of the West does not abandon our hybrid neighbors, and therefore, in the best traditions of information necrophiles, they dug out the corpse of a rotten topic and reanimated it through the Ukrainian sites UAINFO, From-UA, Informant, and some others. They also took an opportunity to recall the incident of July 26 that took place in the area of Al-Jufra airport, where two Il-76TDs of the Ukrainian-registered private carrier Europa Air were destroyed in a Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drone strike.

It is noteworthy that the outlet was okay with referring not to some reputable, serious media resources, but yet another third-rate site seen as dirt drain, "Novyny", which in turn cited a report on the shady "NEWS' website, also known as Selebricon, where on Sept. 4 the report was published, re-spinning the topic of IL-76TD, aiming to discredit Ukraine.

But, here's the thing: NEWS - Selebricon, as I said, is not at all a serious media resource with a reputation, but a platform which publishes (now we get to the most interesting part!) 10 news pieces on Sept. 4, before that – just a single piece on Sept. 3, another piece on Sept. 2, and before that there's a gap dating back to Apr. 7, 2018. The platform was created in March 2018, by the way!

That is, a site that has been dead for more than a year and only operated fully for about a month, has suddenly come back to life, publishing a couple of stories over two days and then giving out 10 pieces at once, on Sept. 4, creating the appearance of intense activity and having among those 10 pieces that very one discrediting Ukraine. The report then gets immediately picked up in the UAINFO feed, as well as on From-UA, Informator, etc.

It must also be noted that the "revival" of the dead site is taking place amid the start of Russia's chairmanship at the UN Security Council and a statement made on Sept. 4 by Russian envoy Vasiliy Nebenzya about the need to strictly abide by the arms embargo on Libya. Also on the same day, another media zombie comes back to life: it's Bulgaria's Dilyana Gaytandshieva, who specializes on distribution of fake stories on weapon-related topics, and of whom I already wrote this morning. Wow! What a coincidence really!

You know, such a clumsy spin reminds me of a recent cheap fake by Strana.UA, which referred to what turned out to be a fake blog by U.S. lieutenant colonel, head of the Joint Multinational Training Group - Ukraine (JMTG-U) Robert Tracy, who allegedly criticized Ukraine's Army. That fake didn't last long, but the scheme was exactly the same:  creating a source (or resuscitating the dead one) solely for the purpose of throwing in a spin, which is set to be immediately picked up by the media which refer to some "English-language websites".

In the case of another attack on Ukraine, around the topic of IL-76TDs, they chose a long-dead site Selebricon, with zero reputation, and which must by no means be trusted. But, rather amazingly, it turned out that UAINFO journalists have been following this site closely (probably, since April 2018), waiting for the sensational news to be published!

It will also be very interesting to see, who else among Ukrainian outlets will repost this spin and how it will migrate to Russian media after being "legalized" in the Ukrainian information space.

Well, what can I say ? Too boring, girls… Too boring!

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