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Spinning flywheel of Russia's information provocations at UNSC on "arms supplies"

The fact that Russia started chairing the UN Security Council should at least be concerning, because the Kremlin simply can't resist an opportunity to lobby its projects via this platform. And, it seems, the Kremlin regents began to fulfill this mission without delay and activated their information assets beyond Russia. Those assets have long discredited themselves though, but not before mediocre readers and indiscriminate media outlets chasing stories screaming sensationalism.

Yesterday, Sept. 4, Russian envoy to the UNSC, Vasily Nebenzya, announced that the Council unanimously supports strict adherence to the arms embargo on Libya. It would seem that this statement is quite appropriate given the conflict in this North African country, but it will be precisely the topic of violation of the embargo that Russia will use in further infowar operations. And it's not just a plan – this is already happening.

Following Vasily Nebenzya’s statement, which has been quoted by almost all Federal news outlets, second-rate and third-rate Russian media started quoting a certain Bulgarian journalist, who they claimed is "the most popular and famous" Bulgarian investigator, Dilyana Gaytandzhieva.

The Russians focused on her "investigation" of the U.S. "Smoking Gun" secret program, the purpose of which was allegedly to deliver weapons to Nusra militants in Syria, as well as (attention here!) ISIL  terrorists in Libya! And as I said, these reports appeared in third-rate Russian media, in particular, propaganda platforms such as Tsargrad TV, precisely on Sept. 4.

However, before this, according to the classical scheme, this spin was initially published on Sept. 3 on a popular microblog led by a notorious anti-Ukrainian blogger Diana Mihailova, who had earlier become one of the primary sources in the Russian segment of internet of a Libyan spin targeting Ukraine, based on the destruction of our IL-76TDs in this country.

That is, as I said, we can see a classical pattern where the spin is initially published at a blog level, then rising to the rank of third and second-class media, and later – to the federal level. Now let's get back to the "well-known" Bulgarian investigator Dilyana Gaytandzhieva...

The thing is that this investigator, extolled by Russian propagandists, has long discredited herself in Bulgaria. She failed hard after she was exposed using in her "investigations" fake, false information. So yeas, in Bulgaria, she is well known, indeed, but for different reasons: precisely for spreading low-grade fake news!

For example, it was Dilyana (for some reason, I just want to call her Diana) that produced in 2017 a fake report claiming that the Azerbaijani air carrier Silk Way Airline had been for more than three years delivering weapons from Eastern European countries to "hot spots' around the world. Dilyana had allegedly received some documents confirming this "fact" from the Anonymous Bulgaria hacker group, while the material was published in the Bulgarian Trud newspaper. That episode became both a sunrise and, in fact, a sunset for Dilyana.

The fact is that almost all the documents presented by the "investigator" as evidence were so-called "doctored letters". This term is used by Russian special services when an array of original data is stolen, and then some fake documents or files are added to it. Given the claim that Dilyana received the documents from Anonymous Bulgaria, it can be argued that the stolen data bulk was supplemented by deliberately created fake files, aimed to discredit Azerbaijan.

Back then, Dilyana got into a spotlight of the National Security Agency of Bulgaria, while her investigation was recognized as fabricated. But who cares what happened next, right? The main thing for fast food information consumers is what was claimed in the report (no matter how fake it eventually turned out to be). It is on this principle that the spins work. But let's continue…

In August 2017, Dilyana Gaytandzhieva was fired from Trud, right on the eve of her next trip to Syria, where she was to continue her scandalous research with the hint of Photoshop. And (I wonder why), outlets and blogs, noted for their close connection with Russian intelligence, in particular the GRU, immediately start covering this episode.

The Russians were "outraged" that the Bulgarian journalist succumbed to "repression" over "inconvenient truth". No one specified, however, that all that "truth" in her reports was pure manipulation and "tales from the crypt".

About in the same period of her being sacked from Trud, Dilyana goes to Georgia where she reports on "new types of biological weapons" being created at the Lugar Center under the guise of medical research, being tested on Georgians!

This "investigations" screams pulp fiction with the headlines like "Shock! Sensation! Outrage!" but it still gets picked up by Federal media in Russia, for example RIA FAN, while serious Bulgarian news agencies disdained this material and ignored the story.

So, what I'm trying to say is this.

The fact that Russia is now chairing the UN Security Council on rotation provides it with the opportunity to raise the topics it needs and initiate emergency meetings both whether there are grounds for it or not. And taking into account how such "informational zombies" like Bulgaria's Gaytandzhieva, who have long discredited themselves, are nevertheless being retrieved from the dusty shelves by Russian propaganda, considering how strongly she was supported by Russian microbloggers and media, and also noting that the Information Resistance OSINT Group received information that Moscow's project is being prepared for revival on tarring Ukraine through the topic of arms supplies to Libya, I believe it is exactly this topic that the Russians will be promoting and exploiting in the United Nations in every way possible.

On the other hand, if you're warned, you're ready for battle. So, we're waiting, girls, we're waiting!

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