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Scandal with corrupt pro-Russian politicians in Italy: Who is breaking schemes, and who is affected?

It seems that the Russian FSSB foxes are feasting, partly on their brothers in arms, and partly on Italian delicacies – a pro-Russian Lega Nord party, led by Putin’s big fan Matteo Salvini.

The fact is that the other day, another part of the investigation report appeared on BuzzFeed News regarding the financing of the Italian Lega Nord party. I'd note right away that it publishes mainly second-rate materials, while the major part of its newsfeed is just junk for housewives.

But, from time to time BuzzFeed News releases articles that are not at all related to their main topics, but which, nevertheless, are immediately picked up by other platforms and spread around the world. It was the case in July this year, when this outlet published secret records of negotiations between representatives of the far-right Italian party and Kremlin officials at the Metropol Hotel.

In the new portion of the investigation, joined by the teams of Bellingcat and The Insider (of whom I wrote on numerous occasions), the voices were recognized of officials with whom negotiations were held on financing the Italians by the Kremlin. It was Andrei Kharchenko and Ilya Yakunin, affiliated with the ideologist of the Russian world Alexander Dugin (also a long-time GRU guy), as well as Vladimir Pligin, who was especially close to Vladimir Putin and who had been working on "legalization" of Crimea annexation.

Actually, the scandal is not off the agenda, and, as time shows, pressure is still being exerted on corrupt Italian politicians. But this whole show once again demonstrates not so much the degree of corruption and affiliation of the current Italian authorities, but the uncontrollable struggle within the Russian Federation itself.

Back in July, when the scandal was only gaining momentum, in my article “Who exposes corrupt Italian politicians, and why", I wondered how an American second-rate publication could get these records , which could be made at the Metropol Hotel out only by those who have controlled this hotel since time immemorial, namely the FSB. But, taking into account the fact that negotiations with the Italians were conducted along the line of the GRU, I had no doubt that it was the FSB who leaked info on their competitors, once again.

Now, when the second-rate news site that gained access to such valuable records began to be served by The Insider, which is affiliated by the FSB, there is no doubt that Lubyanka is involved. Moreover, the FSB is targeting "the most sacred figure", the ideologist of the Russian world, revealing, to some extent, his network of human assets.

The goals pursued by the FSB in this spin are extremely simple – to discredit the activities of the GRU in the international arena and drag the blanket of the Italian bridgehead toward their colleagues from the SVR. And to this end, they are ready for anything, including completely leveling out the efforts of their rivals to assist Lega Nord.

And what is very interesting, the next portion of the investigation by BuzzFeed News arrived amid the exposure of the GRU special operation to assassinate a Georgian citizen, Zelimkhan Khangoshvili (Tornike Kavtarashvili) in Berlin. That is, it was a kind of a double blow to the GRU reputation – the Berlin failure and the Italian leak.

Apparently, the GRU funding flows are hunting the FSB day and night, which is why they are desperately and zealously breaking the schemes of their colleagues from military intel.

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