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How "Crimean Titan is poisoning people in occupied Crimea

Since late August, more and more reports have been emergin on the deteriorating environmental situation around the "Crimean Titan" Plan, which is now under control of Russian invaders. Last week, in my article "Crimean Titan is turning Crimea into a radioactive desert" I wrote that the supply of Syrian phosphates for processing could be the reason for ecological issues in the area. And, to some extent, The Financial Times today confirmed this insider information in its piece article “Moscow collects its spoils of war in Assad's Syria."

According to the publication, the state-run fertilizer plant near the city of Homs has been taken under the complete control of Russian mercenaries. According to experts, this phosphate plant was what Moscow received in return (apparently, among many other things) for Putin's support of Bashar al Assad, helping the tyrant stay in power. Thus, the Kremlin gained access to one of the world's largest storage of phosphates needed for fertilizer production. Patronage over the plant was entrusted to Russian oligarch Gennady Timchenko, while control of the phosphate mine near Palmyra was handed over to his company Stroytransgaz Logistic.

In the same year, the Russians also signed a contract to manage the port of Tartus, which gives them the opportunity to freely to export phosphates without any restrictions.

Let me recall that the first reports on hazardous Syrian phosphates being imported to Crimean Titan appeared in May this year, just after supplies of tozic cargo from Tartus started flowing at full swing.

I should also note that Syrian phosphates are known for the fact that during their processing,radioactive elements are released, in particular, uranium (300 g per metric ton). This indicator significantly exceeds the permissible norms.

And therefore, it is not surprising that the environmental situation in the occupied Crimea is once again on top agenda of public discussions because, amid heavy loads and violations of the technological process, including the lack of water, negative consequences cannot be avoided. However, the invaders could not care less about the ecology and health of the local population. In fact, they see the illegally-annexed peninsula as nothing but a military base and a chemical (now also radioactive) waste tank.

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