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Russia blames U.S. for own degrading nuclear industry

Not so long ago, in my article "Coalition forming against Russian nuclear power plants in Europe", I noted that the world community did not ignore the problems that Russia is facing on the bridgehead of its nuclear energy, and a coalition was already being formed against the spread of the "peaceful atom" under the logo "Made in Russia". And first of all, the attention of this coalition will be focused on the Belarusian NPP, the launch of which is like a ticking clock of the “Doomsday Machine”.

Meanwhile, Russia has already embarked on the information front to respond to such initiatives of the West, in its usual manner, blaming everyone and everything except itself.

A highly specialized thematic information portal "Arctic Info", supervised by Rosatom, published almost a manifesto in which it called the latest media publications on the problems of the atomic energy of the Russian Federation vile machinations of the U.S., which is allegedly losing the market for its products, and therefore attacking on the information front the Russian "peaceful atom", which has no analogs in the world.

Well, maybe the United States really is trying to suppress Rosatom informationally, in many, including myself, are helping it. State Department agents, you know. But the question is this.

It turns out that workers from Kursk NPP-2, who during the strike over wage arrears, told journalists so much (about violation of construction standards, lack of certified tools and equipment, violation of safety procedures and technological processes) that those living near Kursk NPP- 2 should already pack their bags… So, are they also agents of the U.S. State Department?

Or is it possible that the foundation of the Turkish Akkuyu NPP, which is now under construction, constantly cracked because its agents of the State Department crushed it with their hammers every night? Three times, already...

Similarly, the Belarusian NPP in Ostrovets, which is also being built in violation of all norms, with a permanently cracking foundation and emergencies recorded, as, for example, a burned out switchboard. Apparently agents of the State Department were also involved, right?
Беларуская АЭС.jpg
But when the Russian reactor was delivered to the nuclear power plant, the casing of which was dented and damaged, and this reactor was installed, the question of the reliability of this nuclear power plant arose again. Moreover, the delivery of the damaged reactor could not be hidden like cracked foundations or a fire in the switchboard, and it was photographed in all its glory. But this, apparently, is a Photoshop meddling by State Department agents…
Беларуская АЭС.jpg
Also, let's look at the Beloyarsk NPP in Sverdlovsk region of the Russian Federation. This summer, the 4th power unit of this nuclear power plant has already been switched off twice. It is officially stated that this is a system error and the shutdown was a mistake. Of course, any emergency in Russia is considered as a "false alarm", but even if this is so, regular "false alarms" already indicate the unreliability of the safety system at nuclear power plants. Although, it might be the same agents of the State Department that create "false alarms" at the nuclear power plant, which even among Russian specialists are considered to be potentially the next Chornobyl due to the number of emergency situations and failures.

Well, and how can we forget about the incident with the unique AS-12 Losharik nuclear submersible, even if it wasn’t directly connected to the reactor, but other equipment and low-quality batteries that triggered the explosion, while they had to withstand extreme fire temperatures in terms of performance characteristics. Again, State Department agents? And one should not forget about Severodvinsk, where the explosion of an unknown object near Nenoks caused radiation contamination of the entire region and even beyond. But if that incident is covered with a veil of secrecy, the fact of regular delays of the deadlines for the transfer of Project 22220 nuclear icebreakers to operation indicates a gross violation of technological processes during the construction of these ships. And this in turn does not inspire confidence in these icebreakers as reliable and safe.

In general, it is not the degradation of production and technological processes, the backwardness of scientific and technological potential that are to blame. It's the United States' fault that Russia is becoming the most dangerous country in the world, importing its "peaceful atom".

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