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UNSC meeting on IMF Treaty: Another disgrace for Russia

Just a couple of days ago, in my piece "U.S. missiles beyond INF Treaty already getting on Russia's nerves" I pointed out that the U.S., while withdrawing from the Treaty, from the moment of announcing the move to the actual exit, relied on its capabilities to create weapons that would oppose the Russian 9M729 missile. And the fact that the U.S. test launched its first new missile literally two weeks after withdrawing from the INF Treaty doesn't mean that the U.S. has always had this missile in stock. Instead, this indicates that, once the decision was made, works on the old, but still very important, project were renewed, and it took Americans less than six months to get to the point of the first test launch.

Of course, this factor sparked anxiety in the Kremlin, so Moscow convened the UN Security Council, relying on China's support. However, during yesterday’s meeting in New York, the Russian side was literally smashed and smeared in their own feces, as they were reminded that Russia, itself, has long had missiles violating the INF Treaty, deployed in Europe. This statement meant the deployment in Russia's Kaliningrad exclave of Iskander tactical missile complex with the land modification of the Kalibr cruuse missiles installed.

As a result, the UN Security Council meeting boiled down to a Russian representative Dmitry Polyansky, unable to withstand devastating criticism and factchecking, resorted to petty verbal insults, once again revealing to the civilized community his true face of a backstreet thug.

Well, it seems that the Kremlin is really tense about those missile tests conducted in the U.S. after the INF Treaty was buried. First of all, the Kremlin realizes that the U.S. success in this field will be much more significant than that of Russia, hence the anxiety. Indeed, the period from the start of testing and serial production will be shorter. But the Kremlin is much more worried about these missiles' possible deployment destinations in the near future. While some EU countries could categorically reject the idea of hosting the new launchers in their territory, some others will only favor such an offer. This could be Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, or even ... Ukraine!

Yes, anxiety is killing the Kremlin, and, once confronted, with "pants on fire", it falls to the lows of insult-spitting at the international level, recognizing own powerlessness and failing to come up with a proper response to Washington's moves.

So why did they have to convene the UN Security Council anyway? Did they really want to once again be humiliate before the whole world or simply report on their own impotence?

Cold War 2.0 is in full swing…
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