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"Meaningless words" by Maria Zakharova, or a hustle around the slipping G7

Just yesterday, some were biting their nails, while some, in a frenzied fit of greatness, rejoiced over the issue of Russia's return to the G7 as part of a conversation between U.S. and French presidents. It would seem that all that was left was to launch the #MacroNash (#MacronIsOurs) hashtag and pack the bags, but, see, someone forgot to ask the rest of the G7 members.

And on the same day, Germany, which claims to have undeniable hegemony in the EU, rejected the offer of the rising France, while Britain, traditionally Russophobic in its foreign policy, put an end to this initiative. As a result, Macron even changed the narrative of the proposal, having already mentioned it in the context Russia's liberation of the occupied Ukrainian territories. But things didn't stop there.

The thing is that Volodymyr Zelensky also responded to Macron's proposal, noting that the return of the Russian Federation to global diplomacy is possible only after the return to Ukraine of Crimea, the occupied part of Donbas, and Ukrainian political prisoners and prisoners of war held in Russian prisons. And, most interestingly, the talking head of the Russian foreign ministry, Maria Zakharova, decided to personally respond to the president of Ukraine, while ignoring the messages of the German chancellor and the British prime minister. Apparently, she has troubles communicating in German and English. Moreover, the answer of Maria Zakharova (Maria Zakharova) showed in all its glory the cuts sustained from Russia's shattered crystal castles. But first things first…

The Russian foreign ministry's spox criticized Zelensky over what she called "meaningless words", attempting to school the Ukrainian leader on the topic of diplomacy and foreign political agenda. In the four paragraphs of her message, Maria described the terminology and its application in specific conditions, but she failed to mention a word about the conditions of the return of the occupied Crimea and part of Donbas, as well as prisoners.

Neither did Maria mention that Russia does remain on the global agenda, but not as a participant. It is merely a subject of discussion. Just as North Korea, Syria, Iran, Venezuela, or the outbreak of some deadly disease such as Ebola. Once again, Russia is not a participant – Russia is a subject, which causes discomfort. Actually, everyone would be better off without it.

In other words, the talking head of the rogue state, once again, ignoring the similar messages of the German chancellor and the British prime minister, decided to lash out at Ukraine's Zelensky with her mentoring on a topic completely alienated from the essence of things, in order to distract the attention of the corresponding audience from this very essence. And this essence lays in the fact that any attempts by Russia to return to big politics as a full-fledged and equal participant, not a government of arrogant thugs, will be hindered until the Kremlin fulfills the main requirements.

But why break own crystal castles with your own hands, right? It’s much easier to type "meaningless words", which will not solve any problems for the Russian Federation, while once again portraying Maria Zakharova not as a professional diplomat, but as a mere talking head. In this case, she even looks more like an office monkey with a keyboard. So much for a career growth...
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