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Alright then, ladies and gentlemen, this week seems to be a heavy freighter full of unpleasant surprises charging at Ukraine. Although, to some extent, there is nothing really surprising in what is happening, against the background of the West's total connivance in confrontation with the Kremlin's hybrid aggression. But first things first…

To begin with, I should recall the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to France, where he met his counterpart Emmanuel Macron, who, following the meeting, blurted out a resonant Facebook post. The wording of the post where hopes are voiced to bring Putin's Russia back to the European family is way too tender and sweet for the Russian dictator, tyrant and murderer.

Also, there is nothing surprising in the fact that yet another president of France actually turned out to be just a wannabe De Gaulle. After all, Putin was very really well-prepared for the meeting, with a trump card in every sleeve, from populists to radicals controlled and sponsored by the Kremlin practically throughout the entire Europe. In the case of France, I mean the radical wing of the "yellow vests" movement.

In my yesterday's piece titled "Putin's latent blackmail of Macron a la Freud," I focused on the fact that Putin began the meeting precisely with blackmail, the kind that, if addressed to De Gaulle, would've been immediately rejected, while the freak leader would be chased out from the fortress lawn with a cane. But Macron is no De Gaulle, so he just crouched in a graceful bow, like an experienced acrobat from Cirque Du Soleil. He bowed deep, appeasing the Russian dictator, in the hope of his second term in office and the calm in the streets of Paris.

Deal with the devil, you say? It looks like the contract has already been sealed.

Immediately after France, came the news from Italy, where the country's Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, moved to resign, thereby completely paving way for political hegemony and untying hands of the most openly pro-Russian politician whose election campaign was funded by Moscow – Matteo Salvini. It was not only I who wrote loads of reports about him, especially about the secret negotiations that surfaced recentlyregarding Russia's sponsoring for Salvini's Lega Nord through the deals on Russian oil supplies. So, when anyone says Salvini, they mean Putin's puppet.

And finally, CNN announced that during a phone conversation between the presidents of the United States and France, Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron, the two leaders agreed that Vladimir Putin should be invited to the next G7 meeting.

Well, here we are. Is the storm looming over us? Actually, it was expected, and it is just a matter of time when the remaining sleeping agents of influence will reveal themselves. Nevertheless, one should understand what words are and what are actions.

Of course, in the worst case scenario, as early as this fall, supporters of the idea of lifting sanctions against Russia will see new allies. But whether these sanctions will be removed is still question. That's because Ukraine still has allies in Europe, who understand much better than the well-fed center and the west, which allowed populists and spineless personas coming to power, the real threat of hybrid revanchism. It's Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, etc. And the implementation of the plan to lift Russia sanctions coule ultimately result in a serious internal political, and possibly a real split of the EU.

As for the United States, Donald Trump's impulsiveness and inconsistency has always been extinguished by his entourage. Trump's love for Putin has its limit. There is a boundary between the internal psychological flaw that attracts the White House leader to all sorts of tyrants or local "tsars" and the thirst for profit, which confidently overpowers this harmful gravitation. That is why, for us, it's not so much what Trump says and offers what's important but rather  what his entourage is doing to make life harder for Russia. This ranges from sanctions to blocking the Nord Stream 2 pipe.

So, yes, the storm is looming, but it's Earth, not Venus, after all. It's just that the time has come for some tougher rhetoric and other priorities, with the realization of where the kingdom of puppet theaters is and where there is real support and leverage.

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