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Russian puppet "experts" could help defective Belarusian NPP project steer clear of trouble

Just this week, in my piece "Russian peaceful atom threat to the whole world" I said that it's not really Russian nuclear weapons but rather its projects in nuclear energy that pose the greatest threat, including several nuclear power plant projects now under construction with numerous violations of existing regulations.

And today I see more news coming on the topic, this time from Belarus.

Reports came of an international environmental commission starting its work at the BelNPP, one of the potentially dangerous facilities I mentioned earlier. It would seem that it's quite a timely measure, especially in the wake of concerns about the project, voiced by President of Lithuania Gitanas Nauseda and German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Aug 14.

In particular, the Lithuanian leader during a meeting with the German chancellor noted numerous violations of safety requirements during the construction of BelNPP in Belarus's Ostrovets, just 50 km from Vilnius. Angela Merkel fully supported her Lithuanian counterpart on the issue.
We see that the project, which many have already described in a not-so-rosy manner, will feel the grip of a number of organizations that will take samples of air and water, soil, sediment, and vegetation. It seems, nothing to worry about here. But there are things to be concerned about, actually, Or, better say, to freak out.

The thing is that the expert commission includes… representatives of exclusively Russian organizations, which, for some reason, were formally called "international".

One of them is Green Cross, founded in 1993 by Mikhail Gorbachev, which never achieved serious praise or influence in the international arena, and in 2017 it struggled to survive through a "raider seizure". The list also contains a Yekaterinburg-based so-called environmental safety agency Alfa-X91 and Energy and Ecology scientific and educational organization from Snezhinsk, Chelyabinsk Region.

What an excellent international team, presumably designed to deliveer an exhaustive and unbiased opinion on the Belarusian nuclear power plant. Really, why should it be, say, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)? Why not leave it to these very respected experts from Snezhinsk?...

Well, it seems that the fears of the president of Lithuania and the chancellor of Germany are not unfounded. After all, it is this puppet commission that will be used to try to conceal potential problems at BelNPP, problems that could result in another Chornobyl-type disaster. And this applies not only to BelNPP.

In addition to the Belarusian NPP project, which earlier made the news when its reactor was delivered with its hull damaged (dents were seen on pictures spread online), some other nuclear facilities being built by Russians are also in focus these days.
I'm talking about the Kursk NPP-2, which is being constructed with disregard of safety standards, with the use of non-certified equipment and tools, as well as the Turkish Akuyu NPP, the foundation of which the Rosatom team have already been forced to re-fill twice due to constantly occurring cracks.

And therefore, it I wonder what kind of an expert commission will come inspect the Turkish NPP? Will Russia once again send its guys from Snezhinsk?

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