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Russian peaceful atom threat to the whole world

Russian nuclear power industry and projects it has been implementing in this area pose a greater threat to the world than Russian nuclear weapons.

It looks like the Russian Federation did get its local Chornobyl, although it tries its best to hide the disaster, telling Soviet-style naphthalene-soaked stories about "normal radiation levels". As you already understood, we are talking about Arkhangelsk "incident".

In particular, Roshydromet continues to report on radiation levels exceeding the norm by multiple times following the explosion of some "special equipment" in the Severodvinsk region.

Of course, the inhabitants of nearby territories, like the inhabitants of Siberia choking on smoke, will feel literally six months later in the growing geometric progression the effect of diseases associated with the thyroid gland and respiratory organs, as well as the wave of cancer cases. But all this will happen later. Meanwhile, everything is "within the norm"...

However, it would be too naïve to speak about the value of human life in Russia. A sacramental saying "women will give birth to more children" remains relevant there from century to century. On the other hand, it is worth noting that Russia imposes its nuclear projects on many countries, including those neighboring Ukraine.

And honestly, I would advise our neighbors Belarusians to take a closer look at the construction of nuclear power plants in Belarus by Russians, taking into account the complete degradation of technical and industrial potential in this industry. If explosions occur of super-secret military mini-reactors maintained by the best nuclear scientists of Russia, imagine who is involved in the installation of the reactor in Belarus, which, incidentally, the designers' team has already "dropped" one time.

I have repeatedly reported about problems in the nuclear industry of the Russian Federation and it seems I was right all the way.

In principle, looking at the entire production technology, which in Russia is slipping to the level of medieval discoverers of world wonders – in aircraft manufacturing, shipbuilding, and even more so nuclear power plants – I am becoming more and more scared for the future of our planet. After all, the point is not that Russia is an aggressive and unpredictable nuclear power. It's the fact that Russians cease to understand how to use this nuclear status and that the degradation of the country and its technological processes can lead to disaster. See, it's not even about some potential crazy launch of hundreds of ICBMs to the glory of the gray-haired dictator.

Recently, I have paid a lot of attention to the problems of Russian nuclear power plants construction, which, despite the high level of secrecy, still come to the surface, demonstrating how much the production culture and technological processes in the construction of such complex facilities have degraded in the Russian Federation.

I mean the Kursk NPP-2, which is being constructed with ignoring safety standards and with the use of non-certified equipment and tools, as well as the Turkish Akuyu NPP, the foundation of which the Rosatom specialists had to re-fill twice due to constantly occurring cracks.

And therefore, no one can guarantee that the next catastrophe under the brand name "Russia" may be of a planetary scale. Such likelihood is extremely high. After all, Russia's nuclear facilities and its experiments in this area, as time shows, are far more dangerous than Russian nuclear weapons.

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