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PACE turning into a circus arena with clowns and maniacs

PACE hasn't stopped surprising me recently, and it's not looking good. But first things first.

Today, chief of the British delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Roger Gale, called for a review of Russia's return to the organization over massive violations of the Convention on Human Rights during the latest street protests in Moscow.

And now we're hearing voices becoming more and more vocal within the PACE, discontent with the return of a delegation of the country, which has been trampling in mud the ideals of the European community and the entire civilized world. But, here is the question: how could the PACE be previously unaware of Russia being merely a flip-flop of the old totalitarian regime?

Personally, I was deeply outraged by Russia's return to the conference room to the tune of the release of another stage of the MH17 probe, where a number of Russian nationals were charged. In my piece titled "Death of European Solidarity: PACE allows Putin killing Europeans with impunity" I emphasized that European solidarity did die at the Assembly session hall that day.

But, when the list of the Russian delegation members to PACE was presented, in my op-ed "Members of Russian delegation to PACE: propagandists, perverts, psychopaths, and corrupt officials" I noted that behind each of them there is a long corruption-related trail, and a general criminal trail behind some of them who seem to be suffering from a manic mental disorder.

So I'm trying to figure out, why did they do this in Europe anyway? Returning the Russians so that they pay their fees (officially)? Welll, guess what, in return for this, they got a platoon of maniacs projecting the narratives of their sick propaganda and representing in such an acclaimed body a country that grinds democracy 24/7.

Or maybe Europans just fail to realize that they are dealing with the terrorist state and a terrorism sponsor state, the state represented by the Kremlin, which doesn't give a damn about the lives of their own citizens and the fate of their own lands, let alone the lives of foreigners. A vivid example is the huge forest fires raging across Siberia at an area larger than Belgium.

So what we have here is that Russia is back in the PACE, fees haven't been paid, 24 Ukrainian POW sailors weren't released, those responsible for the shooting down of MH17 and the murder of Nemtsov were never brought to justice, etc.

At the same time, Europe gave the Kremlin a "wonderful" story, which all Russian propaganda relished upon, of Moscow bending down the EU.

Meanwhile, we can see how Russia has been dealing with the main argument used to return Russia to the PACE (namely, the preservation of democracy and protection of human rights) by the violent response of the Kremlin and its security forces to the latest rallies in Moscow.

So it turns out that the PACE circus arena hosts both clowns and maniacs. I believe no one doubts who will get to survive the whole performance until the last act...
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