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Kremlin deploying all "foreign" assets to create info chaos around MH17

Just the other day I wrote that the closer the start of the trial in the MH17 downing case, the more desperate the Kremlin’s efforts in creating a huge mass of fake information designed to sow information chaos aimed to disrupt the public from the actual investigation results.

Recently, the only country that fully supports Russia in the MH17 case, which is Malaysia, has been acting increasingly upsetting amid statements voiced by its officials who seem to have gotten lost somewhere either in parallel reality or in major financial transactions with some oil and gas flavor.

However, Malaysia alone, a country that has long lost international credibility, is unable to create the appearance of a sort of "international support" for the Kremlin's information fiction. And therefore, recently, pro-Kremlin puppets from among citizens of EU member states, who imagine being journalists and experts, have sharply intensified their operations.

Not so long ago, I reported that a Dutch blogger and wannabe detective Max van der Werff shot a fake documentary about the MH17 tragedy. The film has absorbed the entire mythology of Kremlin propaganda, even the most absurd and paradoxical parts of it.

But it seems that this one Dutch "independent" investigator, funded by Russia, just isn't enough for the Kremlin propaganda, which therefore involved another "foreign investigator", a so-called "journalist" from France Christelle Neant. That's the one who back in 2016 obtained "citizenship" of the rogue "DPR" and has been living in Donetsk ever since, serving local propaganda, channeling lies and manipulations to the European media space. I earlier wrote about this in my piece "French pseudo-media in fight for Kremlin’s narratives".

By the way, Christelle Neant has been in regular contact, most recently remotely, with Fabrice Sorlin and Xavier Moreau, the infamous French sympathizers of "DPR", who also happen to be the activists from the Yellow Vests' radical wing (supported by Marin Le Pen's political force).

And therefore, one can easily imagine what kind of a documentary this Kremlin puppet will deliver, trying to appease the invaders.

So what we're seeing is the Kremlin attempting to add to the rotten soup of Malaysia statements some spice, that is, a range of pseudo-documentaries about MH17, shot by some no-names. In fact, neither Max van der Werff nor Christelle Neant enjoy any credibility in serious journalistic circles. On the other hand, given the lack of sufficient support on MH17 from foreign governments, Russia is ready to resort to accepting services of these fairly cheap "talking heads".

Nevertheless, the question remains open: what will be the next step the Kremlin will make and whom will they attract to aggravate the information chaos already created? Who else of the "independent" and "unbiased" European journalists will decide to shoot a film about MH17? Perhaps it could be a documentary by a certain Oscar-winning U.S. director, with comments by Vladimir Putin as the "chief expert" on the issue? Who knows…

Meanwhile, we'll keep watching!

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