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New statements by Malaysia on MH17 case: the closer the trial, the more nervous the Kremlin

It is obvious that Malaysia is becoming that very litmus test which allows judging what kind of anxiety and reactions are taking shape in the Kremlin. Indeed, today it is so far the only country in the world whose government has sold its loyalty to the Russian Federation on the MH-17 issue. And the latest public statement by yet another Malaysian official once again confirms this suggestion.

As already known, Malaysian Foreign Minister Sayfuddin Abdullah urged the international community to wait for the results of the official investigation and refrain from rushing to accuse Russia of the downing of the Boeing MH17 in Donbas.

Of course, I would like to remind the Malaysian top diplomat that Russia’s involvement is not even being disputed, since the entire evidence base of the investigation points to Moscow as the culprit. But in this case, I'd like to note that the frequency of statements voiced on the topic by the Malaysian political elite is simply flying through the roof. And if we take into account the fact that a pseudo-documentary pseudo-investigation about the disaster was released just recently, there is no doubt that the Kremlin is really serious about this.

And the closer the date of the trial start, which is March 9, 2020, the more desperate the bleating of talking heads affiliated with Russia, which for six years has been refusing to accept blame for those innocent victims, having instead generated a plethora of fake stories and myths. Of course, not without the help of their Malaysian puppets.

And in this context, something else is also interesting. The investigation, in principle, follows the path of proving Russia's guilt, and the aggressor state has pretty much nothing to beat those cards. But what will be the role of those Russian puppets once the trial is over and the perpetrators are identified?

In general, the Russian regime, which deserves the same trial as was once held against the leadership of the Third Reich, will one way or another, be assessed in history. And what will be the place in this assessment of those foreign minions of the cruel regime? It’s not difficult to guess. But are those minions aware of this? Now, they are not so much jeopardizing their reputation, of which it is basically hard to talk without a bit of irony, they are jeopardizing the image of their whole country.
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