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Attempt to discredit Ukraine in Libya fails

So, ladies and gentlemen, the Libyan story of the destruction of two Ukrainian Il-76TDs cargo planes has come to its logical conclusion. Moreover, this conclusion is accompanied not only by convulsions of Russian propagandists who failed to discredit Ukraine, but also by confusion among the organizers of the provocation (read GRU) wondering "what are we paying them for?" But first things first.

To begin with, I should note that, according to the report of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the UN Security Council Mr. Salame, the overwhelming majority of the UN Security Council member states condemned the non-observance of the embargo against Libya and expressed support for the "peace plan", without any accents being put regarding the violators of the embargo.

In other words, all attempts to tie Ukraine to the smuggling of arms to Libya, through the incident with the destruction of two Il-76TDs, have failed. This brings the following effect. Not only did they fail to tar Ukraine in the eyes of American partners, with whom coordination of a large arms contract is now being finalized, the UN Security Council didn't name Kyiv as a participant in the conflict in Libya, however hard Russian and pro-Russian resources tried to do this, just like certain pseudo-experts.

And here's when something stinky hit the fan.

The blog which did the initial spin, namely the "Diana Mihailova", which has been engaged in Ukrainophobic activities on LiveJournal under the auspices of curators affiliated with GRU, immediately after the UN handed down its "verdict", published a piece full of sarcasm and bilious grunts toward the article by the Information Resistance Group "Discrepancies in Al-Jufra: Kremlin fails with another anti-Ukrainian information campaign".

And all of this is because, in fact, the article pointed out some precise accents, namely, the fact that the shipment was carried out by a private (not state-owned) company belonging to Jaidip Mirchandani, a figure who had been doing things in favor of the Syrian regime under the auspices of the Russian Federation. The man has been blacklisted by the U.S., by the way. He was transporting weapons from a third country, the United Arab Emirates, where many firms selling Russian weapons in the Middle East are registered. So, these accents clearly indicate any link to Ukraine but the ones within the ambargo.

Are you following? I'll go on.

However, the task set before the talking heads of the Kremlin propaganda was different. The task was to show this non-existent link. But this was done, as in Salisbury, way too crookedly and in a messed up way.

But I am still amused by the hustle of all those affiliated figures, who, even in the complete absence of evidence base, keep repeating the same thing, according to those good old manuals.

It is worth mentioning here a piece in the Vzglyad newspaper (published under the patronage of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation) by a so-called "independent military expert" Anton Lavrov, who, despite the complete failure of the script, continued to repeat the narrative about Ukraine's participation in the Libyan conflict on both sides.

But, what is particularly depressing, some Ukrainian media also seem to support the Russian propaganda narratives.

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