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Ukrainian IL-76TD planes destroyed in Libya: Story of hybrid propaganda

Today came the reports that in the area of Al-Jofr Airport, Libya, the Air Force of the Government of National Unity destroyed two Il-76TD aircraft owned by a private Ukrainian airline "Europe Air", which carried smuggled weapons.

At the same time, this spin was launched through a pro-Russian blog "Diana Mihailova", an infamous anti-Ukrainian figure on LiveJournal, a platform fully supervised by the GRU. In particular, the author of this blog is Ukrainian journalist Natalya Pechorina, who worked under the guidance of Kirill Vyshinsky, a notorious chief of the Russian RIA Novosti's Kyiv office (who is now tried on treason charges). The author is now a protégé of Ruslan Pukhov.

At the same time, the report on "Diana Mihailova", the primary source of the information spin, was immediately picked up by platforms of "B" and "C" categories, used in dirty information companies, in particular, "rusnext".

These ladies and gentlemen present a fairly balanced story about Ukrainian Il-76TD "supplying smuggled weapons to Libya". I am surprised that the stories didn't claim that "Ukrainian Il-76TD supplied Ukrainian weapons” , but perhaps this was exactly what was intended initially, but they decided to limit themselves to only mentioning the aircraft.

In many ways, that's because on July 9, an "Al Marsad" outlet wrote about a scheme for the supply of weapons from the UAE and Turkey, for the needs of the Khaftar troops, by planes owned by private Ukrainian companies.

And here comes the most interesting part. After all, the question arises, why would Turkey and the UAE require the services of a third party in the supply of weapons to Libya, as if they lacked their own planes? And why would they not use services of any other air carrier from, say, a friendly Russia?

Such a dissonant fact hints at only one thing: it was the Russian side of the conflict that needed services of Ukrainian private airlines. Why is that? It's because, one way or another, given the ongoing hostilities, losses of aircraft, especially transport planes, are inevitable. Meanwhile, a Ukrainian cargo plane destroyed in the very center of Libya is very easy to blame for the supply of arms to a belligerent country, which, de facto, would discredit Ukraine in the eyes of its Western partners.

However, long before the Ukrainian airline suffered losses, many reports had emerged stating that Ukrainian airplanes serve only as transporters, while weapons are delivered to Libya from the United Arab Emirates and Turkey. But the draft story has long been prepared, so as soon as, the IL-76TDs were destroyed on July 26, a propaganda machine started spinning it, albeit with a delay. It was trimmed, crumpled, but still mentioning "Ukrainian aircraft" as some kind of a shocker. However, it's clear to everyone that transportation is one thing and another thing is arms supplies.

Anyway, our hybrid neighbors never abandon attempts to discredit Ukraine, resorting to various ingenious plans. And in this context, private companies providing such services should really think about it. After all, in order for the client to create the right picture and spread the relevant narratives, you could become nothing but "cannon meat".

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