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Russian propaganda shoots fake investigation documentary about MH17

It seems that the Kremlin clique is badly annoyed with the investigation of the MH17 downing case and the first accusations coming against a number of people involved in the shooting. That is why the propaganda machine, as well as the financial one, turned on the flywheel of glaring information spins.

For example, a Dutch blogger who turned into "the leading independent investigator of the MH17 crash" (albeit funded by Russia) released a whole documentary about the tragedy. But, interestingly, the Oliver Stone wannabe (not an Oscar holder though) doesn't tell in his film who shot down the MH17. Instead, he claims the whole world, ranging Ukraine to the USA, falsified data on the tragedy in order to accuse an innocent Russia!

A flow of delirium of fantastic magnitude, full of pure conspiracy, with no evidence base, about an alleged fake radar data of Ukraine's Air Force of Ukraine; the Dutch, Ukrainian, U.S. and Australia governments' lies; the involvement of FBI agents in an attempt to seize the black boxes of the downed aircraft, and the whole set of other "amazing" stories is being voiced by the self-discredited Malaysian government, Donbas separatists, and their Russian curators.

Of course, this film will not be closely examined by the investigators, since it is a set of five-year old clumsily molded fake stories. On the other hand, given the fact that the documentary was fully supported by the Malaysian government, I am sure that soon the extent of international cooperation with this country will wither.

Also, it should be noted that this kind of documentary propaganda products is becoming the Kremlin's favorite tool. More and more films of this kind are coming out, of varying degrees of quality, shot by both propaganda "stars" and low-budget authors.

Of course, today, when the investigation is in the world focus, such propaganda materials only relate to the frankly pro-Russian consumers of fast food info. But it should be understood that such products have a long-lasting effect and will keep emerging, in all their conspiracy-laden "beauty" in the decades to come.

Russia is sowing long-lasting lies and doubts, which is far more dangerous.
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