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Hungary's game in plot to destabilize Ukraine

The Karpatalja newspaper owned by the Society of Hungarian Culture of Zakarpattia on its latest front page  published a slogan "Hungarian, get up!, accompanied by a brazenly modified map where Zakarpattia is portrayed as part of Hungary. The widest coverage of this outrageous act was a quite expected effect, after a preliminary supervising session has been held in Zakarpattia, right on the eve of Ukraine elections.

I should remind that literally on the eve of this blatant incident, head of the Hungarian diplomacy Peter Szijjarto visited the western Ukrainian region to support one of the candidates running for parliament in snap elections, Mr Brenzovych. However, it is no secret that Clause 1 of Part 1 of Article 74 of Law of Ukraine "On Elections of People's Deputies of Ukraine" directly prohibits foreign nationals and stateless persons from campaigning for anyone.

By the way, the frequency of Hungarian politicians' visits to the region in recent years increased dramatically, especially those made in the wake of high profile political events in Ukraine. Not so long ago, Tomasz Sneider, a senior operative with Jobbik, a Hungarian pro-Russian nationalist party, also visited Zakarpattia. During the visit, he stated that his political force would support the region on the path of obtaining "autonomy from Kyiv." At the same time, Sneider stressed that autonomy would allow all decisions to be made by Zakarpattia right on the ground, instead of having to wait for a green light  from Kyiv, so that the regional economy (subsidized by 75%, we shouldn’t forget) could receive an incentive, thanks to the fact that all money earned would stay in the region.

It should be noted that the public destabilization in Zakarpattia is taking place amid similar actions pushed forward both in Donbas and the rest of Ukraine. And it's quite remarkable that the newspaper with a modified map was released against the background of Putin crony Viktor Medvedchuk’s appeals for autonomy of the so-called "LPR-DPR", who called for allowing the Kremlin puppets in the region to have their own parliament, constitution, absolute amnesty for terrorists, and a free economic zone, too.

At the same time, in both cases, these messages were fully supported by Russian media resources, as well as pro-Russian media in Ukraine.

Thus, we can safely state that this is another blow at Ukraine's stability coming from two directions at once. At this stage, it's an informational blow, but beneath it lays a deeper and more elaborated plan for sowing chaos in Ukraine, which will be fully implemented after parliamentary elections.

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