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Vitaly Markiv's case could drive last nail in coffin of Kremlin puppets in Italy

The arrest and sentencing in Italy of Vitaliy Markiv of the National Guard Kulchytsky Battalion sparked outrage among many Ukrainians and also caused a major hype across Europe. In many ways, that's because, it was a clearly politicized case against a law enforcer defending the state from an invasion of outsiders. It was aimed at discrediting Ukraine's very resistance to Russian aggression. On the other hand, the degree of affiliation of Europe-based puppets with the Kremlin has revealed its scope to the whole world. And it is possible that the Markiv case will be a big mistake both for the so-called Italian judiciary but also for the incumbent Italian authorities. And here's why.

Let me remind you that on the eve of the the verdict announcement, the American edition of BuzzFeed News released a bombshell report with recordings of ecret negotiations between deputies of Italy's right-wing Lega Nord Party, headed by Vice PM Matteo Salvini, and Russian officials.

The factual evidence presented resulted in the start of the investigation into Russia financing Italian populists. In turn, it is noteworthy that the region of Lombardy, where the trial of Vitaly Markiv was held, is fully controlled by Lega Nord.

Therefore, we can safely say that the Kremlin-funded party, which has reached the highest echelons of power, immediately took to execute hardly disguised instructions coming from their curators. But there's more.

As we know, the Italian police recently carried out a number of raids of local radical cells which had been set up in the provinces of Turin, Varese, Pavia, Novara and Forli. During the raid, special operation, an arsenal of nine combat rifles, 20 bayonets, 306 firearms, and even an air-to-air missile was discovered.

It should be noted that some of the radicals targeted by the investigation participated in the Donbas war on the side of pro-Russian terrorists, and their organizations were located mainly in the north of Italy, dominated by Lega Nord.

Thus, within a relatively short period, public learned that Italian populists had been financed by the Kremlin, radical groups owning a serious arsenal had been formed in their northern enclave, while Italian courts handed down politicized decisions to please Russian curators.

And all this is happening in the heart of a peaceful and chill Europe. Doesn't it sound like a distant echo from the 1930s??

And if the European community fails to take urgent steps to drive a final nail into the coffin lid of the Kremlin puppets against the background of the trumped up Markiv case, this nail will soon be driven into the lid of the European community's own coffin. As simple as that. There's really not much choice here.

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