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On Russia's orders: "Medvedchuk" project creates pretext for UN Security Council meeting

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the Russia-Medvechuk-made provocation with the shelling of the 112 Ukraine TV channel has borne fruit. Moreover, this fruit may well be regarded as a "guilty plea" on the part of Russian propaganda, which, by its reaction, revealed practically all aspects of the scenario of sowing chaos in Ukraine and discrediting it before European partners I voiced earlier.

The thing is that the Russian propaganda, various experts and politicians, as well as Moscow's fifth column in Ukraine, reacted to the incident at a lightning speed, and their reaction focused on something that the Kremlin had long been claiming, which is the alleged chaos, fascists, pressure on freedom of speech, threats to journalists, etc. This once again confirms that behind this provocation there is a clear FSB trace, which is just too hard to conceal.

Just recall this gem voiced by Russian Senator Frants Klintsevich: "The world once again is reaffirmed that no one controls the situation in Ukraine. What kind of peace in Donbas can we be talking about while it's impossible to simply restore order in the country?!". Indeed, this gem is fully in line with the narratives of the plot that is being implemented, that is, presenting Ukraine to the rest of the world as a failed state. The timing is also clear: this is happening on the eve of a Russia-initiated extraordinary meeting of the UN Security Council, scheduled for July 16.

In turn, the fact that it's the Russian special services and Viktor Medvedchuk aka "Agent Sokolovsky" who stand behind the provocation is becoming more and more obvious. Considering that former Soviet intelligence operative and Putin's classmate from KGB Institute, Yuriy Shvets, in a recent interview openly named the Ukrainian "peacemaker" Medvedchuk a Kremlin asset leaves no doubts about the latter's actions within Moscow's hybrid plans. Moreover, the plan was finalized and approved during the Ukrainian politician's latest visit to Moscow, of which I also wrote earlier.

So, Russian propaganda talking heads like Kiselev and Solovyov will spit out more and more trash on the issue. In this trash flow, we'll hear more about the hindered TV link-up, a protest action outside NewsONE TV channel, Andrey Malakhov's wannabe TV link-up that was actually aired without Ukraine's participation, the shelling of 112 Ukraine, and, of course, fascists and Nazis' threats to "peacekeeper Medvedchuk", who, like other "Ukrainians ", seeks to reunite "fraternal peoples" and achieve broad autonomy rights for Donbas. And yes, they will also tell of the need to pursue the idea of Kyiv's direct negotiations with "LPR-DPR" terrorists. So Russia will be more than happy to present all this trash in their address at the UN Security Council meeting.
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