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In occupied Crimea, Russia applies latent genocide tactic

The Russian Federation has been repeatedly compared and probably will long be compared with Nazi Germany. It because of their manner of seizing neighboring territories, their overwhelming and monstrously fake propaganda, and now, among other things, genocide can be added.

We could already see on the example of Chechnya how a modern Russia has become keen on pursuing genocide of the population living in the country's regions seeking independence from Moscow. In Chachnya, dozens of thousands of peaceful civilians were slaughtered. Now, in a more moderate format (so far), certain repressive methods are being implemented in the occupied Crimea.

A series of shocking reports came from the occupied peninsula over the past two days. The first one told of a dead body that the storm threw ashore one of the beaches in the village of Nikolaevka, Simferopol region. A kettleweight was tied to the dead man's neck. Later it turned out that the victim is a Crimean Tatar businessman Rashid Yagyaev who went missing in April of this year. The man was 61.

Another shocker came from Bakhchisarai district literally today. In the village of Aromatnoye, the body was found of Fakhri Mustafayev, the son of the delegate of Kurultay of the Crimean Tatar people, member of the Bakhchisarai Mejlis Mustafa Mustafayev, who was reported missing on July 10.

Russia continues building up its flywheel of repression against Crimean Tatars, and it should be noted that there is no sense comparing the latest developments with Soviet repression of the 1940s. There's no sense simply because no one is going to deport Crimean Tatars from the occupied peninsula. They will be annihilated on their native soil, according to the principle of "bow down or die". This is the case where a home turns into a prison, or even worse, into a scaffold.

Moreover, the impunity of Russia's actions, especially in the international arena, is further accelerating the process of the transition of this latent genocide into an explicit one.
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