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Cossack-2M1 armored vehicles on their way to success

This week, Ukraine's defense ministry  delivered a report, which would have made top news a few years ago, but now remained largely unnoticed by national media against the background of the parliamentary race and lower public interest in defense industry issues. Meanwhile, the report said the Cossack-2M1 multi-purpose armored vehicle, a unique piece for the domestic industry, had passed state tests.

What's unique about this armored vehicle is that its armored body is mounted not on specially reinforced four-wheel drive chassis but on independent suspension, also lacking a frame that would otherwise restrict it in many respects.

In fact, no manufacturer has ever before implemented the concept tried out by Praktika factory, the creators of Cossack-2M1. In turn, this provided the vehicle with the excellent qualities of an all-terrain offroader, despite its impressive weight. During the tests, the vehicle was allowed driving even on those sections of the site, where only tanks had previously been tested. And, oddly enough, Cossack-2M1, coped with the task just fine.

And, what is particularly noteworthy as for the Ukraine-produced military equipment, taking into account the loads, the vehicle drove 15,000 kilometers without any serious faults reported.

It is worth noting that the production of armored vehicles is unchartered waters for Ukraine, and until 2014 we had not been particularly famous in this regard. Meanwhile, the Russian invasion of Ukraine made it important to have not only police-type armored cars, but also full-fledged wheeled armored personnel carriers. And in the distant, tragic 2014, I actually predicted that Ukrainian defense producers would show their best, and that in peacetime, when the war ended, their armored vehicles would be in demand not only of the Armed Forces but also in the civilian market. That's an ad right here!

In addition, the Cossack 2-M1 project is the result of successful cooperation between companies of the "League of Defense Enterprises" and Ukrobornprom. In particular, they include Teksprotekt, Sparing-Vist Center, Dolia and Co., Mayak Plant, Orizon-Navigatsiya, Arsenal, etc.

Thus, to date, two armored vehicles, the Bars-8 and the Cossack-2M1, have already passed state tests.

By the way, factory tests of the Otaman 6x6 armored personnel carrier created exclusively for Ukraine Marines are set to begin in August.
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