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Russia provoking Baltic States by celebrating anniversaries of their occupation

A rather interesting celebration eventis scheduled in Moscow for this week. It will be held in honor of the liberation of Vilnius (July 13, 1944). On Poklonnaya Hill in Moscow, the authorities are planning huge fireworks to mark the event. Other celebrations, similar to this, are have been scheduled for September 7 (the Tallinn Offensive), as well as on October 22 (the Riga Offensive).

Well, what can I say here? Indeed, at first glance, the pandemic of "victory praise" is gaining momentum, and soon, Russia could be celebrating events of 75 years ago almost on a daily basis, with parades and fireworks. But of course, while their economy is plunging into the abyss along with standards of living amid a full spectrum of crises, from financial and banking to social ones, perhaps it seems better to just not think of anything else but lush celebrations.

However, there is another peculiar moment in this story of "victorious" convulsions.

The thing is that the liberation of Vilnius, Tallinn and Riga, in fact, turned into their occupation by the Soviet troops and the Soviet authorities, which no one in the Baltic States sought. To this day, people there treat these events precisely this way. The feat of the soldiers, in the context, was completely leveled by the events of the following 50 years.

And being aware of that, Russian leaders are still organizing posh celebrations to mark those events. That is, in a modern context, it looks as a celebration by the occupiers of the days of reoccupation of the Baltic cities.

Well, not only is the Kremlin making "victory praise" a traditional and indispensable attribute of the everyday life of Russians, it is also provoking its neighbors to a political conflict, to say the least. However, I personally see a third, hidden subtext between the lines, namely, a hint of that infamous Russian saying "We can repeat this". And given the threats and challenges of modern times, they might just as well try and pursue the idea.
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