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Overview of Russia's information attack against Ukraine on July 8

Well, ladies and gentlemen, as they say, Mondays suck. However, if your enemy is Russia, every day is like Monday. And the developments that unfolded over the past 24 hours remind us of this fact rather eloquently.

In fact, the Kremlin in recent days played an insidious and thoughtful game, moreover, managing to cover the information space both in Ukraine and Georgia. And although such developments had been widely predicted earlier, most people appeared to be absolutely unprepared for them when they actually surfaced. As a result, all that's left is to draw conclusions from the work done by Russian special services.

Of course, as expected, through its protégé No. 1 in Ukraine, Viktor Medvedchuk (https://uc.od.ua/columns/1533/1216129), the Kremlin made its first, and rather serious, attempt to sow chaos in Ukraine, namely by announcing a so-called "TV bridge" between the Ukrainian NewsONE and Russian propagandists (https://uc.od.ua/columns/1533/1216420). This move aimed at provoking a negative reaction among the patriotic part of society, also pushing people toward radical actions.

In parallel lines with the announcement of the "TV bridge", in Georgia, where social tensions have been chaotic for quite a long time (https://uc.od.ua/columns/1533/1216035), a hype-craving video was aired on Rustavi-2, which was immediately shared in Ukraine's information field. While for Georgia it created yet another pretext for more protest sentiments, the pretext for Ukraine was to impose on the already anxious Ukrainians the idea that Georgian television journalists are able to openly humiliate Putin, while Ukraine is okay with TV bridges! Moreover, the source of such a narrative was Current Time TV channel represented by a Prague-based Iryna Romaliyska, who has previously been spotted spinning ambiguous messages for questionable purposes (https://uc.od.ua/columns/1533/1216378).

It is worth noting that, against the background of such an information background being created, Mikhail Saakashvili once emerged in a very "timely" manner with his anti-Putin statements. As we know, he is directly affiliated with Rustavi-2.

Thus, it's not only the patriotic part of the population, outraged by the news, that is being provoked, but also pseudo-patriots, who in reality are nothing more than well-paid "sleeper agents" on standby.

And perhaps, Ukraine could see protest actions, with flares, burning tires, and clashes with the police, which could result in casualties on both sides. This would very well fit into the concept of Russian propaganda about radical sentiments prevailing in Ukraine, especially on the eve of the UN Security Council meeting initiated by Russia. However, the reaction to the "TV bridge" on the part of the National Security and Defense Council, the Security Service of Ukraine, and President of Ukraine brought some adjustments both into the information field and also into the propaganda agenda.

So, while Russia failed to get those "beautiful" shots of "pogroms" downtown Kyiv by deranged radicals, this doesn't mean that all the efforts of the "fifth column" in Ukraine were in vain. After all, following the reaction of Ukraine authorities, the "TV bridge" was immediately canceled, but with the note that the move was a result of "threats to the lives of journalists" and potential violent protests at the TV channel's premises. That is, "radicalism" remains the main tune in this song, and I'm sure that we are yet to hear those infamous "Russophobia" and "Fascism" claims more than once.

Moreover, I would not be surprised if it is precisely the failure of the "TV bridge" that will, for example, serve as a pretext for hindering the next round of Minsk talks. But it is already clear that the Kremlin mob will exploit this topic at the UN Security Council meeting!

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