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"TV bridge" of discord, or yet another provocation: All in line with Putin’s plan

So, here's my thoughts regarding the so-called "TV-bridge" with Russia, which was announced by NewsOne. Moreover, the SBU chief has already called on the NSDC to convene an extraordinary meeting on the issue... What the NSDC will do in this regard will be seen in the next few hours. Meanwhile, I should note that Ukraine already has five years of experience in this matter. After all, such TV bridge was simply impossible until now. I hope it's this experience that security officials will use. That's despite the fact that the show was canceled unilaterally.

However, it's more about the fact that the newly-created media empire of Putin's crony Viktor Medvedchuk is already starting to work. And it doesn't simply broadcast anti-Ukrainian propaganda and the "Russian vision" of the events, it also creates provocative situations to sow chaos in Ukraine aiming to spark a public explosion. Just like in Georgia where each new day brings new protests. It should be recalled what exactly caused this unrest there. It was primarily provocations: first, in parliament, then on TV.

At the same time, while Russia sees Georgia today as nothing but a testing ground for its tools of influence methods, Ukraine remains the Kremlin's primary target.

In my previous pieces, I wrote of how Moscow intends to sow chaos in Ukraine on the eve and after the elections, and in principle, Viktor Medvedchuk was and will always be in the focus of these developments (https://uc.od.ua/columns /1533/1216129). Well, that's until someone finally finds the way to deal with this political figure.

By the way, MP Andriy Biletsky, the record holder in terms of ignoring the Verkhovna Rada meetings, who is now also running for parliament of the new convocation as part of the Svoboda Party (apparently he enjoys skipping work), which often creates informational pretexts for the Russian propaganda and discredits Ukraine in the eyes of Western partners, already threatened President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky with an "ultimatum".

And here, to be honest, such an "experienced" legislator as Biletsky should have known better that it is not the president who is tasked with deciding the issue of television broadcasts. Even if he decided to put forward an "ultimatum," it should be addressed directly to Putin's friend and his media empire, or perhaps the National TV and Radio Broadcasting Council, which, due to some strange circumstances, suddenly fails to ban the "TV bridge" with the invaders. However, it seems that Biletsky is reluctant to open his mouth at Medvedchuk, which is also rather strange, right? Who knows, perhaps, it's because it's is precisely the sort of radical statements addressed to the President's Office that play very much in Medvedchuk's hands.

So, we're seeing the full range of multi-faceted provocations being carried out, from court decisions against de-Communization or on admission to elections of dubious pro-Russian figures like Sharij and Kliuyev (https://uc.od.ua/columns/1533/1216281), to outrageous ideas of live broadcasts with Kremlin propagandists. In this situation, really, how can Ukrainian patriots resist taking to the streets and set up some sort of another Maidan or at least a rally with flares, burning tires and smoke bombs somewhere outside the President's Office? And no matter how serious this protest will be, it will be covered in certain media with the necessary accents put not only for the Ukrainian audience but also for the relevant target group of "fast food" information consumers beyond Ukraine's borders (https://uc.od.ua/columns/1533/1216256).

We are entering a very difficult period where the information war is being waged, not so much explicitly, but veiled. Any information spin within its framework pursues several goals at once. Failing to achieve one of them could at the same time help the Kremlin achieve others, which could seem to be off of the initial plan, but also favorable to Moscow. Our enemy has learned to manipulate emotions and exploit worldviews, exerting pressure on the weakest points.

But what have we learned? Following populist appeals and marginal voices… We live in the era of the new Cold War, and we should respond to such provocations, keeping our cool as much as possible. After all, more provocations are yet to come.
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