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Patriacrh Kirill's 11, or "Attack on Constantinople" mission

Filaret, who has plunged deep into waging war against Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, continues pleasing his Moscow curators, making moves which makes the clerics' blood turn cold, while intelligent people sense some confusion over the absurdity of his statements.

I'm talking about the most recent statements by an already "not-so-honorable" patriarch claiming that cooperation with the KGB is not a sin, as well as that Ukraine will pay Bartholomew for providing tomos of autocephaly with its churches and temples.

Well, Filaret gets an "A" for playing the role of the “savior” of the Orthodox world. Being No.1 toxic figure for the Russian media until recently, now he has turned into a "hero" and is a welcome guest in the Danilov Monastery. Moreover, his appearance there will be part of a general plan for the monopolization of Orthodoxy by Moscow.

As is known, it is now fundamentally important for Moscow to wage a split into the Orthodox world, and the active phase of this process will be initiated during the so-called Pan-Orthodox Council, which is regularly promoted in both hybrid and affiliated media. In addition, various kinds of officials and semi-official figures from the Moscow Exarchate constantly focus on the right of Moscow to assemble such a council.

For example, the other day, Archpriest Nikolai Danilevich, Deputy Chairman of the External Relations Department at the Moscow Patriarchate, said that the Pan-Orthodox Council would be convened, including to resolve the "Ukrainian issue." A similar opinion was expressed by another talking head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan of the Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine, Antoniy Pakanich, who didn't hesitate to call the actions of Constantinople "non-canonical."

In turn, the so-called Pan-Orthodox Council is gaining supporters, representatives of Orthodoxy from countries traditionally experiencing peripheral awe before Moscow. And some of them have already shown their true selves during the celebration of Onufriy's anniversary, which was a kind of rehearsal for the looming pseudo-council.

Thus, representatives of 11 local churches from different countries came to congratulate Onufriy, including the representative of Bulgaria, Metropolitan Lovchansky Gabriel (who compared Onufriy with Volodymyr the Great), Poland, Serbia, etc.

This event also allowed some high-ranking clergymen to speak on the issue of  the pseudo-council, even without any pretext whatsoever.

Thus, the representative of the Serbian Church, Bishop Anthony of Moravic, in an interview with the SPZh portal, said that the Ukrainian issue "must be resolved at the council", and only Constantinople is to blame for the situation. The representative of the Cyprus Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Nikifor, echoed this narrative, also raising the question of the "non-canonical actions by Constantinople".

So, summing up, what do we have?

Patriarch Filaret, who does not have any substantial support in Ukraine, conducts a frankly anti-state campaign to discredit not only the OCU, but also Constantinople, regularly echoing Russian propaganda and reciting texts from the Danilov Monastery. Protecting the KGB, fake news about temples and churches for Bartholomew is clearly not even the tip of the iceberg of the informational messages that this figure will need to pour out into the media space in order to ensure complete favor in Moscow. I wouldn't be surprised if Filaret starts to whitewash the name of Stalin, in accordance with the ideology of Orthodox Communism of the Russian Federation.

Meanwhile, this confusion and chaos, which pours out of his mouth, is nothing more than the informational preparation of a full-scale strike on Constantinople and the split of Orthodoxy. In the Danilov Monastery, Patriarch Kirill has already gained new "friends" and is preparing for a full-scale offensive.
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