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Putin uses G20 platform to broadcast fake news

While in one part of the planet Russian President Vladimir Putin demonstrates his relevance among top Western leaders, trying to self-affirm at each photo shoot with other heads of state, in the other part of the planet, in the zone of Russia's direct aggression, the Moscow is playing with Ukraine a sophisticated game around POW sailors. This game is more like mockery, a legal dissonance, being played by a party, which is guilty and should be criminally persecuted according to international law. It is about the offer voiced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation to return captured Ukrainian naval sailors under the condition of their further criminal prosecution in Ukraine.

In this context, it should be understood that all Kremlin officials, ranging from the highest leadership (former KGB/FSB/SVR operatives) to rank and file clerks in the Russian Foreign Ministry, special services and on federal TV channels, live and act in the matrix of "special operations". Such an action strategy misleads the entire civilized world and does not allow the West to work out an effective countermeasures algorithm due to a lack of understanding of the logic and philosophy of what is happening. That's because the Kremlin does not react and does not adapt to reality, instead building its own and advantageous reality into which it is trying to sink others.

At the same time, as we can see, Russian leader is also participating in such special operations, delivering fake news without shame and manipulating information at international platforms. Besides, we should agree that the latest spin was introduced to the accompaniment of G20.

It was during the final press conference at the G20 summit that Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed that the head of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Ruslan Khomchak, allegedly confirmed his information that the attempt by Ukrainian naval boats to pass across the Kerch Strait was a pre-election provocation on the part of Petro Poroshenko. However, in fact, the Chief of General Staff said quite the opposite of what Putin claimed.

On June 13, in an interview with RFE/RL's Ukrainian service, Ruslan Khomchak confirmed that the seizure of Ukrainian boats and capture of crew near the Kerch Strait was a provocation precisely on the part of the Russian Federation.

So, we're seeing another fake news delivered by Putin. The problem is that this lie was voiced in front of the cameras of hundreds of international media outlets and will be spread across thousands of news feeds. But how many ot those outlets will refute this fake news and offer their audience the original quote by Ruslan Khomchak?

On the other hand, we once again witnessed the fact that Putin makes use of every rare opportunity to reach out to international audiences and also that the issue of captured sailors and the decision of the “tribunal” are very painful to the Kremlin. To some extent, Moscow even regrets that the order was issued to attack Ukrainian boats.

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