September 26th, 2019

Fake report on Ukrainian soldier "murdered" at Yavoriv training ground: Same manuals, same actors

It seems that Russian propaganda masterminds have launched a full-scale information war against the Yavoriv training ground – through info spins, manipulations and psy-ops designed not only to discredit the international cooperation of Ukraine's Armed Forces with NATO partners, but also Ukraine's relations with its closest neighbors. At the same time, in this information war, Ukraine's so-called "media", like and others play a key important role.

Let me remind you that at the end of August it was through Strana.UA that the info spin "Drunk, greedy and lazy. American colonel calls Ukrainian military the main problem of the Yavoriv Training Center" was disseminated, allegedly referring to a blog by U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, head of the Joint Multinational Training Group - Ukraine (JMTG-U) Robert Tracy. It "revealed" terrible details about the Ukrainian military. Of course, it turned out that the blog was run by an impostor and had nothing to do with the actual U.S. lieutenant colonel, although this had been clear at first glance, but not to Strana.UA reporters, apparently.
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